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*Ensuring your satisfaction is our topmost concern. While we offer a restricted number of large revisions, we are committed to making endless minor adjustments to the design until it truly reflects your envisioned tattoo.

All NFTs Cost Additional Ξ0.01. They are stored on the Polygon Blockchain. 

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We have an amazing team striving to design custom tattoos for you

We are here to help create your unique and personalized tattoo design so they shine on your skin! Get your quote for free now. 

Who We Are

Customized Tattoo consists of a team of professionals and illustrators specializing in personalized tattoo designs.  

What We Do

We offer high quality and customized tattoo design that is specifically tailored to your personal needs. Tell us your idea and we will design it for you. 

What You Get

When you are fully satisfied with our design, we will send you the artwork in the high-resolution file. Your tattoo will be totally exclusive and personalized.