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Discover an exceptional marketplace for personalized tattoo design experiences

Our tattoo designs are fully original, tailor-made, and authentic. And no, we do not use AI in our design process. 

We are always in touch with you to design your dream tattoo together. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee + 24 Hour Support

CustomizedTattoo brings your tattoo idea to reality by connecting you to our team of professional designers who have 10+ years of experience specifically in tattoo designing. Our skilled artists have a deep understanding of aesthetic details and offer professional guidance. We create your unique and custom tattoo design, all based on your specifications. We believe that tattoos should be a reflection of an individual’s personality, and so we strive to create custom designs that are truly special.

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Don't Just Show Your Tattoo. Tell A Story.

Aaron S.
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Combine our tattoo designs with NFTs so that you can "truly own" your tattoo.

Our team of dedicated artists takes the time to listen to your ideas and create a custom tattoo design that truly speaks to you. We take great pride in our work and make sure that every design we create is of the highest quality. 

How Custom Tattoo Design Works

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Simply go to “Start My Design” and choose a package according to your needs. Collaborate with our expert tattoo designers and bring your wildest ideas to life, ensuring that your body art is a perfect reflection of your individuality. If unsure, head to the “Get Quote” section and fill out the form to help designers understand your custom tattoo design needs. Then hit the “Submit” button. 

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All quotes are free. Once we receive your tattoo design idea you submitted, our tattoo designers team will look over the description of the tattoo idea and determine how much the design will cost. We will get back to you with a quote via email.

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After we received the order, we will match you with one of our designers. From concept to creation, we’ll guide you through every step of the design process and help you make a statement that is uniquely ‘you’. Together we’ll design the tattoo of your dreams.

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If you do not like the design, please tell us why. We will revise and make changes to our design based on your specification. Without any doubt, your satisfaction is our number one priority! When you are 100% satisfied with your tattoo design, the process is finished. Meanwhile, we will send your new tattoo design in a high resolution to you via email. Visit your local tattoo shop with confidence! 

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Frustrated trying to get your perfect tattoo design?​

Looking at designs for hours that are never quite right. We feel you. It makes our eyeballs bleed.

Has a tattooist been mean to you?​

We had that happened to us. This is why we started Customized Tattoo. Grouchy and ignorant, you fueled our fire.

Are you bored of looking at other people's design?​

We did too. Spent hours browsing really boring tattoo designs that someone else was spotting anyway.

Having an identical tattoo with someone you don't know?​

Definitely not a good idea. Let’s admit that we always wanted a unique tattoo for ourselves. Get your personalized design now!

Customized Tattoo

We Bring Your Idea to Live

Receive Unique Tattoo Design

Each design is hand-crafted by one of our professionals

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ensuring your satisfaction is our topmost concern. While we offer a restricted number of revisions, we are committed to making endless minor adjustments to the design until it truly reflects your envisioned tattoo.

Secure and Easy Payment

All transactions are secured with SSL protocol. We accept payments worldwide via Debit & Credit Card

Pricing Starts At Just $59.99

With a history of over 10,000 happy customers, we make the magic happen at competitive prices

Why Do You Need A Custom Tattoo Design?

Advanced Dermatology surveyed more than 600 people who have at least one tattoo they regret…

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What We Do

We have an amazing team striving to design custom tattoos for you

We are here to help create your unique and personalized tattoo design so they shine on your skin! Get your quote for free now. 

Who We Are

Customized Tattoo consists of a team of professionals and illustrators specializing in personalized tattoo designs.  

What We Do

We offer high quality and customized tattoo design that is specifically tailored to your personal needs. Tell us your idea and we will design it for you. 

What You Get

When you are fully satisfied with our design, we will send you the artwork in the high-resolution file. Your tattoo will be totally exclusive and personalized.