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4 Reasons Why You Need A Custom Tattoo Design

March 27, 2020

4 Reasons Why You Need A Custom Tattoo Design

Beauty is the blessings of nature. Nowadays, people can find various ways to make themselves more captivating. The truth is, you can be more charming through fashion and design; we all know that by having a more stylistic outwear, a dashing haircut, and a fancy perfume will help you have a better look and all. However, one can’t deny that having a tattoo is definitely one of the most dominating ones. If you don’t know what tattoo is; it is a form of body modification, it is made by inserting ink, dyes, and pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. Yup, I know it sounds really scary and not everyone dares to get one, but it is actually not that bad. Well… at least for me. 

 Tattoo Artist

Of course, some of you will say that tattoos will bring negative effects to you both personally and socially, but you will not find this post if you are not considering one. Remember that you can always place your tattoo in a concealed part of your body. If you are still struggling to make the decisions of getting a tattoo or not, trust me, you will regret more if you don’t get one!

Permanent and Temporary Tattoos 

There are mainly 2 types of tattoos, permanent and temporary. If you’re not sure whether you like the tattoo design or if you’re just trying out, the best option for you is to order a temporary tattoo design, wear it for a week or two and see if you still like it. But if you are serious about getting a permanent tattoo, hiring an experienced tattoo designer to create your tattoo is very crucial. Having a tattoo expert to design your custom tattoo can sometimes be costly, but it is definitely worth your time and money. Imagine getting a tattoo design that is already used by someone else… That’s a disaster.

Also, don’t ever get a tattoo just because you think it looks cool. Examine and analyze your tattoo design and idea. Think why do you want to get it? What does it represent to you? That’s why custom tattoo design is always preferred by most of the people. You should never have a “YOLO” mindset, and “get them now and I can always do a laser removal later on”. There is so much harm than you can imagine. There is one more thing that I’d like to bring up here. We could not forget to mention the flash tattoo when we discuss about tattoo. You might have heard it before, but you might wonder, what are the differences between custom and flash tattoo?

Flash Tattoo Sample

Difference between Custom tattoo and Flash tattoo:

Custom tattoo design and flash tattoo design are the two types of tattoo designs that are mentioned mostly in the tattoo world, however, they have separate procedures and features. The procedure for designing these tattoos is also varied from one another. A flash tattoo is a pre-created design. You may find it on posters or magazines, and sometimes it also may be found inside the parlor books. Basically, Flash tattoo design might have already existed and no longer unique.

Moreover, there are two major types of this kind of tattoo. One is market flash and the other is collector flash. This type of tattoo design can actually show us how creative and intellectual the artists are. However, in this type of tattoo design, customer’s personalities and characteristics will not be integrated into the tattoo designs. Obviously the tattoo design is no longer unique in this case.

On the other hand, custom tattoo design is designed by the customers and the artists altogether, the artist and the customers are collaborating back and forth. The artist is always in touch with the customer to design his/her dream tattoo. A custom tattoo design is totally original, and it will hold a lot of meaning behind it. Besides, the personalized tattoo design will embody your personality and characteristic through this art form. Though flash tattoo has a great popularity, the custom tattoo design is more preferred to its customers for its uniqueness and quality.

Here are the 4 reasons why you should get a custom tattoo design.


Reason #1

Custom tattooing is the only way to demonstrate your characteristics, personalities, visions, thoughts, and bring you uniqueness. Having a customized tattoo design on your body that filled with your personal stories and background; an image representative for you and only you! This is what your tattoo should be used for… We always say “Don’t just show your tattoo. Tell a story.” While creating your custom-made tattoo design, you and the artist create an authentic design that may help you to make your idea/vision come to life.

Through this artistic medium that is permanently engraved on your body, you can tell your unique story about how you came up with the idea, how you collaborated with a tattoo expert, and what is the origin of this tattoo to anyone else at any time. Having a custom tattoo design allows you to express your personality and to share your unique experience with other people. Surely, having a tattoo design that is personalized for you is the best way to “illustrate” who you are.

Sleeves Tattoo Design

Reason #2

We are going to go back to the topic of flash tattoo here. Nowadays, it is definitely a trend to create large-scale tattoos in a different part of the body, such as tattoo sleeves. As we already know, one of the reasons is because people already start accepting the tattoo’s art and culture into our society. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create such big-scale tattoos with flash tattoo design. It is a bummer to see the fact that you are not able to get a tattoo design as big as you wish through flash sheets.

However, companies that provide custom tattoo design services allowed its customers to create such ta It is very useful when you’re looking to get a huge tattoo design.  So, if you are intended to have big-scale designs, then choosing a custom tattoo design is the way to go. If you are currently looking for a tattoo design, or even thinking about getting one, please don’t hesitate to get a free quote from us here. We offer a wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs. All personalized.

Reason #3

All types of tattoos have a significant meaning, and most of the time they only express the creative ideas of the designers. For example, when you look at the flash tattoo, it embodies the designers’ ideas, not yours. The tattoo design comes from the artist himself, and it can also be someone else’s existing design, they just simply revise the old design. Sadly, these can be applied to most of the tattoo designs across the market as well.

On the other hand, personalized tattoo design reflects your own ideas, not others. If you’re looking to get a tattoo that is meaningful and special to you,  then the custom tattoo design is the best option for you. Keeping memories of something or someone that is unique and special to you, isn’t it one of the most valuable things that tattoo can bring for you? Keeping memories of the good old days…telling your unique stories and expressing your feelings from a tattoo, how cool is that? Thus, getting flash tattoos or picking random tattoo designs wouldn’t be the perfect option if you want something unique and personalized. People chose the custom route for having a design that meant something to them… As we always have said, “Don’t just show your tattoo. Tell a story.”

Reason #4

Last but not least, the customized tattoo has a more colorful and splendid look to it. You can utilize as much color as you want, make any kind of variations the mixture, and most importantly, you can choose what elements you want, and how big you want the design to be. This is one of the most important elements for a tattoo to be unique. With your mastermind and our designer’s creativity, you and the artist can work together in developing the most desirable tattoo design you can ever imagine. We have had customers collaborating with our illustrators for months in order to get their dream tattoo. Yup… for months.

Recently, one of our customers reached out to us and tell us his idea about a tattoo design he is considering to get. While communicating with him, we are able to tell that he has hobbies of hiking and playing basketball. We spend time communicating and collaborating back and forth multiple times, and together we came up with a brilliant and stunning idea. We integrated the nature which contains mountains, hiking trails, rocks, trees, and road signs, into a basketball as a whole. If you see it from a distance, you will see a basketball, but if you look closely you will see the beauty of nature with remarkable details. And I’m sure those details mean something to him. A tattoo could not be more personalized than this… Pretty interesting, right?  

 Hold Hands

The Verdict:

Tattoos seem like it has been around for a decade, but undeniably, its trends are not going to go down anytime soon. It is a type of fashion, culture, and belief. If you are serious or even thinking about getting a permanent tattoo, hiring a professional custom tattoo designer definitely one of the best options out there. Keep in mind that a lot of people actually are not so sure about the tattoo design they want to get. Some of them will just go with the flow, and some of them will get any design that their tattoo artist recommends. They do not have the patience to truly analyze and consider what kind of tattoo design they truly want. At first glance, it seems to be very nice and attractive, but in the long-term, it might not stay the same way as the first time you see it. Well, some people might even hate it and decided to get laser tattoo removal. A tattoo doesn’t really change, but people do. Thus, please choose your tattoo carefully! And remember that we are always here to help you design your dream tattoo so that you can walk into any tattoo store with confidence!

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